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Money-Saving Online Coupon Code for iHerb.com


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Coupon Code: ZUW230

(Offer good for new customers only)


Use link IHERB.COM and code will be added to order or Enter Code: ZUW230 for instant discount!

Once you place order with my coupon you will receive your own personal code to use!


Help people you know save $100s per year, and earn $1000s in discounts or cash!


How it works:

As an iHerb customer, you have your own unique iHerb Rewards Code, and landing pages containing your Rewards Code. Forward your landing pages to those you know - in two ways!


  • Introduce iHerb to those you know:

Give them your iHerb Rewards Code, and they will save $5 on their first order. In return, you'll get $5 in Rewards credit as well as a flat 5% of their actual order total (or 10% if iHerb house brand products), excluding shipping. In addition, each time that customer reorders products from iHerb, the Rewards Program will automatically credit your account 5% on a recurring basis.


  • Introduce new products to current iHerb customers:

Share your customized Rewards link with current customers and receive Rewards consisting of 5% of the total product value(or 10% if iHerb house brand products), or even more as long as they have not previously purchased these products from iHerb. In addition, each time a customer reorders the product(s) you referred through your code, you will receive 5% in Rewards on a recurring basis.


Other great advantages of iHerb Rewards:

  • 1) Earn credit or cash

As you earn credit, it will be deposited into your account as “Pending” for 30 days. After that, qualifying credit will become “Available.” Once available, credits may be applied toward your iHerb purchases, or you may opt to receive a check at the end of any month in which the Rewards total comes to $300 or more. Check your earned credit amount anytime. Visit the "Summary" page in your iHerb Rewards account.


  • 2) Global potential

- iHerb ships over 35,000 natural, health and beauty products to more than 150 countries.
- Our website is accessible in 10 languages - English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and  Spanish.
- In addition to the US dollar, we accept more than 45 currencies.
- Besides major credit cards, we also accept Paypal, Alipay, and, coming soon: Qiwi, Webmoney, Yandex and more.

That means you have tremendous potential for earning Rewards all over the world.


$120,344 - The average amount paid to the top 10 Rewards members in the year 2015.
$19,608 - The average amount received by the top 10 Rewards members "cashing out" for the month of December, 2015.
$450,665 - The total amount Rewards members used towards their iHerb orders during the month of December, 2015.


  • 3) Designed for Social Media

Rewards are a great way to say hello and stay in touch. Just share a custom link and a short message, such as "Hi friends, these are the supplements I take during the winter: http://www.iherb.com/Supplements?rcode=ZUW230."


  • 4) Save others $100s per year

Do those you know a favor and introduce them to the best overall value for natural products in the world!


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